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We Are

We are a friendly, respectful gathering of diverse people who seek to better understand or explain the Christian faith. While the discussion leader will present from a traditional protestant perspective, all are welcome regardless of belief. Whether you would like to gain confidence in expressing your faith or are simply interested in the discussion, we hope you join us in our journey.

It is natural to have questions. Just ASQ.

We Gather

This discussion group will begin on 9 Sept. 2019. We will meet at 1pm Mondays when the Eanes school district is in session, breaking for school holidays. Send us an email to save your free seat in the room.

Each week we will discuss one of the focal questions listed below, which will be posted in advance. Send us an email to vote for the questions you want discussed next.
  1. "What historical evidence, outside your Bible, is there that Jesus rose from the dead?"
  2. "Why is God so hidden? If he exists, why doesn't he make it obvious?"
  3. "Doesn't science show that belief in God is silly?"
  4. "How could a good God command genocide, as the Old Testament says?"
  5. "Does God condemn homosexuals? We/they are born with this wiring."
  6. "I read there are more mistakes in the Bible than actual words. How can you trust it?"
  7. "Wait, you actually believe in miracles?! How could God break the scientific laws of nature?"
  8. "How can you worship a God that describes himself as jealous and vengeful?"
  9. "There are many religions; how can you say Christianity is the only right one?"
  10. "Don't you really have 3 gods, not one?"
  11. "What about the dinosaurs and fossil evidence for human evolution?"
  12. "How could a good all-powerful God allow this much suffering and evil?"
  13. "How can you be so arrogant and intolerant, saying Christianity is the only way?"
  14. "What about the lost books in the Bible? What about the other books that aren't included?"
  15. "Why can't you just pray away cancer, if God is real?"
  16. "What's with all those strange Old Testament laws?"
  17. "Does God favor men over women?"
  18. "How could a good God send people to hell? Do you really believe in hell?"
  19. "The sun stood still?!"
  20. "When King David had an affair, why did God kill his son? How is that fair?"
  21. "Why did God permit slavery even in the New Testament?"
  22. "But what about those who have never heard about Christ? What happens to them?"
  23. "How can you believe in this day of science that a man dead and buried for 3 days returned to life?"
  24. "How could a good God tell Abraham to murder his own son?"
  25. "What happens to people who commit suicide?"
  26. "How can you say the wrathful God of the Old Testament is the same as the loving God of the New Testament?"
  27. "Didn't politics determine which texts were included in the Bible?"
  28. "Who was the historical Jesus?"
  29. "What does this Scripture mean?" (various passages)

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Are you interested in attending our gatherings? Would you like to be on our email distribution list? Do you have a spiritual question you would like discussed? To contact us, email us at the below address (note the "Q" and ".org"):

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