Just ASQ
All Spiritual Questions, Discussed Respectfully



The Just ASQ fellowship is a friendly place to discuss questions regarding the Christian faith, with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15). While the discussion leaders will present arguments from a conservative Christian perspective, all are welcome regardless of belief. Whether you want to gain confidence in expressing your faith or are simply interested in the discussion, we hope you join us.


This discussion group will start in September 2019 with the schedule for focal questions posted in April.
Some of the focal questions may include the following, based on group interest:
  1. "Doesn't science show that God didn't create the universe?"
  2. "How can a good God order genocide as described in the Old Testament?"
  3. "How can God condemn gays when we/they are born this way?"
  4. "Don't you really worship 3 gods, not one?"
  5. "How can you worship a God that is jealous and vengeful?"
  6. "How can a good all-powerful God allow this much suffering and evil?"
  7. "How can you be so arrogant and intolerant, saying Christianity is the only way?"
  8. "I read there are more mistakes in the Bible than actual words. How can you trust it?"
  9. "What's with all those strange OT laws?"
  10. "When King David had an affair, why did God kill his son? How is that fair?"
  11. "Why did God permit slavery even in the New Testament?"
  12. "How can a good God send people to hell? Do you really believe in hell?"
  13. "Does God favor men over women?"
  14. "What about the lost books in the Bible? What about the other books that aren't included?"
  15. "How can you say the wrathful God of the Old Testament is the same as the loving God of the New Testament?"
  16. "But what about those who have never heard about Christ? What happens to them?"
  17. "How could a good God tell Abraham to murder his own son?"
  18. "What about the dinosaurs?"
  19. "What does this Scripture mean?" (various)


Are you interested in joining our meetings? Do you have a spiritual question you would like discussed? To contact us with any questions, email us at the below address (note the "Q" and ".org"):
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